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Amazon confirms new delivery station in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Amazon Logistics confirmed Monday that it will open its third Indiana Delivery Station in South Bend. 

The new location will help with quicker deliveries to the area, according to the statement.

It will help Amazon increase the flexibility of their delivery capabilities as well as help with its growing number of customers. 

According to the statement, the station will create hundreds of work opportunities for small businesses and independent contractors. 

Amazon has not yet confirmed the exact location of the new station.

The station is expected to open in 2019. 

The following is the full statement from Amazon.com: 

“Amazon Logistics today announced it will open its third Indiana Delivery Station, located in South Bend. The new station will power Amazon’s last-mile delivery capabilities to speed up deliveries for customers in the South Bend area. Delivery Stations enable Amazon Logistics to supplement capacity and flexibility to Amazon’s delivery capabilities to support the growing volume of customer orders. Additionally, the station will create hundreds of work opportunities for small businesses and independent contractors. 

We expect the site to open in 2019.

Amazon Logistics is delivering smiles to customers’ doorstep around the world. The service offers small businesses the opportunity to deliver for Amazon as well as independent contracts the flexibility to be their own boss, create their own schedule and make $18 to $25 per hour delivering for Amazon. To learn more, visitwww.logistics.amazon.com.

This is Amazon Logistics’ third Delivery Station in Indiana and joins the existing seven Fulfillment and Sortation Centers, one Prime Now Hub, two Pick-Up locations, and five Whole Foods Market store locations.

If images are needed, please visit https://press.aboutamazon.com/images-videos.


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WobblyWhovian 348 days ago
Amazon is a prime example of all that is wrong with our capitalist system. They strive to automate their warehouses cutting jobs for the working class. Those human workers employed are persecuted and forced to work under inhumane conditions.
Amazon is one of the largest contributors to I.C.E. and reportedly share their facial recognition with I.C.E.
Amazon is a multi billion dollar company with a CEO in the top wealthiest people in the world. All the revenue being made off of the working class while they pay nothing in taxes. Yes, in 2017 Amazon paid $0 in federal tax.
Amazon is looking at opening a warehouse in South Bend. While we realize their labor practices are not uncommon, we need to send a message to the South Bend Common Council that we don't want those kind of jobs, and known anti-union business in South Bend.
Note, it is a common practice for cities to offer tax incentives for large companies it move into their city.
CraigDifley WobblyWhovian 347 days ago
Are you a recent graduate of Che Guevara school of business? I don't think the Common Council is going to chase off a company that pays $18 to $25 an hour.
JamesN 349 days ago
Ugh. I've heard nothing but complaints from people in other parts of the country that have this service to cover their "last mile" on deliveries from Amazon. Instead of UPS, USPS, and Fedex, packages are delivered by independent contractors from the local hub to homes and apparently Amazon doesn't necessarily hold (or have the ability to hold) these drivers to the same standards. Hopefully these are just the ones with bad service and most of it works out ok...
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