American flags tossed to the ground at Chapel Hill cemetery, veterans react

NOW: American flags tossed to the ground at Chapel Hill cemetery, veterans react

OSCEOLA, Ind.-- Michiana veterans are not happy with the way a local cemetery is treating the American flag just days after veterans day.

Pictures started circulating on social media last week after one visitor noticed many of the flags at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens had been taken off the graves and thrown away, some just tossed on the ground.

“Throwing them to the ground… its not just disrespecting the flag but to me its disrespecting the country. If you don’t respect our country then what is there?” says Petra Barnard, Second Vice Commander at American Legion Post 308.

The veterans at the American Legion say the act is uncalled for and disrespectful.

Their post has worked with chapel hill for years and more often than any other local funeral home for military funerals and memorial services.

“For us to go and honor a fallen soldier and then to go and see stuff like this, its just… you don’t know what to say to something like that,” says Army veteran Jerry Williams.

Barnard and Williams say they’re reconsidering their partnership with Chapel Hill now.

In a statement to ABC 57, a spokesperson for Chapel Hill says they are looking into the incident:

"We are disturbed by these images and have launched an internal investigation to determine how the flags were removed during our ongoing maintenance process."

But former post commander Jim Roberts says there’s no excuse.

Osceola’s American Legion provides the community with a way to properly dispose of American flags and they just held a disposal ceremony last month.

“That’s an improper way of disposing them and Chapel Hill should have to pay the price or at least call the people that put them out there to come and get them off. That’s uncalled for what they’ve done. I’ve got a plot up there and I’m going to give it up if that’s their kind of way,” says Robert.

If you are unsure how to get rid of an American flag, you can bring it to Osceola’s American Legion on Lincolnway E.

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