Americans hit deadline on health insurance

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center is one of the few places in Michiana that has offered to help people apply for health insurance. It has been busy, helping 275 to get health insurance so far.

Americans must sign up by Tuesday, December 24 to receive health insurance by January 1.

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center has been helping people navigate the government’s website since it went online.

“We offer assistance at looking at various health insurance of commercial insurance products as well as the marketplace insurance that is still available,” says Sondra Gardetto, Manager of Health Insurance Services.

Gardetto says there is an extension allowed for those who need it.

“The deadline for enrolling by tomorrow, they will not face a penalty they actually have until March 31st to enroll in a plan," says
Gardetto. "Tomorrow’s deadline is really about making sure they have coverage in place starting January 1st.”

Gardetto expects there will be people needing help even after the deadline.

"Technically the marketplace does close after March 31st," says Gardetto. "Everybody needs insurance at some point in their life whether it is an early retiree looking at insurance, whether it is somebody needing insurance through the marketplace, Medicare, we are here. We are not just open for the marketplace, we are here for all insurance needs.”

The agency's office will stay open year-round to provide help.

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