Apartment residents using signs to get management's attention

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Residents of a South Bend apartment complex say the conditions there are slowly deteriorating. They decided to take matters into their own hands in order to get management's attention.

"I really want to get out of here, like quickly.  So like within the next couple of days - please," said Cynthia Forest, a resident of Georgetown Apartments.

Forest says the conditions at her apartment complex are horrendous.

We went to check it out and discovered the pool is green, the floors in the common areas are filthy and paint is peeling off the doors.

"I mean the grass is almost taller than my dog. It's hard to walk him anymore. The potholes, my rims are just getting worse and worse every day," said Cory Cox, a resident of Georgetown Apartments.

Residents say it wasn't always this bad.

"When I did first move here it was a nice place to live, they plowed and everything like that. But once spring hit, because I know they switched management companies, everything went bad," said Cox.

Randy Pleake, who has lived here for ten years, says he is embarrassed by what this community has become.

"It's embarrassing because it is in a Notre Dame community and it is really sad," said Pleake.

This week, desperate to get management to pay attention, residents have posted signs all over the complex.

So far it hasn't worked.

"What's to brag on now? The potholes? The no electricity? We don't get water bills out here anymore so you never know when your water is going to be cut off. So it's just really bad out here. We just have to leave. We are moving. There is no renewing of the lease," said Forest.

"If they started making this place better, I would consider maybe renewing my lease, but right now I want to move out just as fast as her. This is getting horrible," said Cox.

I can tell you this place needs a lot of work. They need to quit blaming us and get their acts together and  take care of this place," said Pleake.

A volunteer came out and mowed the lawn on Friday. He did it on his own, knowing he wouldn't get paid for it.

He said he used to live there and feels horrible about how neglected the property has become.

He says management owes him about $3,000 and that it has been almost two months since the lawn was last cut.

We contacted management for a statement, but we have not received it yet.

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