Apartments next to Four Winds Field set to open soon

NOW: Apartments next to Four Winds Field set to open soon


After two delays for the opening date, The Ivy At Berlin Place apartments right next to Four Winds Field are finally within days of opening.

“The Ivy At Berlin Place, it’s a great development,” said Joe Hart, the president of the South Bend Cubs.

The team’s opener on Thursday marked just around two years since crews broke ground for the apartments. Construction crews are still on site, but Hart says not for much longer.

“It’s great to see it’s finally coming to fruition,” he said, adding that some of the apartments will be open and ready for tenants within 30 days.

“They’re going to open in phases,” he said. “We have 121 units here so it’ll be building two, building one, three and four, so by mid to late June it will be 100 percent done.”

But that is more than a year after the original completion date of April 2018. Hart says part of reason for delay is due to shortage of manpower.

“There’s so much work going on in the community which is phenomenal, except when you’re the one actually doing some of the work. So it’s taken longer from that aspect,” said Hart.

He’s promising the delays will yield a more quality product.

“My thought process is hey if you’re going to do it, take your time and do it right,” he said. “I think the residents when they live there, they’re going to notice the great work and the craftsmanship, and that’s what we want at the end of the day.”

He says there are a few aspects of the apartments that they wanted to make sure were top notch. One was creating bigger balconies facing the field. Other upgrades were inside, with granite countertops and better fixtures.

He says the goal is to create a high quality space. Even South Bend Cubs Owner Andrew Berlin plans to stay at the apartments.

“Andrew is going to live here. He’s got an apartment here, so he wanted it something not only he will live in but so will all the folks who live here in the summer,” said Hart.

Not only will residents have a ballgame in their backyard, Hart says this complex puts people right in the middle of all the action downtown.

“You’ve got concerts that will be taking place at the ballpark,” he said. “I mean it’s going to be such a great venue for anyone who wants to live downtown and have entertainment and activity going on, this is the place to be.”

Plus, Hart hopes the place will bring excitement and vibrancy around the South Bend Cubs and help to make Four Winds Field a destination.

“Our goal is to make this a hub of activity 365 days a year, not just our 70 or 80 baseball events that we have at the ballpark, and that’s the biggest thing I think this development will do,” said Hart.

Within the week Hart says interested residents will be able to start taking tours and signing leases at the apartments.

Although the completion of the buildings will come in phases, he says all buildings are now set to be done by the all-star game in June.

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