Asphalt sealing across Elkhart County roads

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- Elkhart County officials announced that a project to seal asphalt for 1,150 miles of county roadways has begun.

“This is the time of year when our staff are out on our hot county roads and highways doing the annual chip and seal work. It’s tough work that can only be done during these hot summer months, but it’s important to keep our county roads in good condition,” said Charlie McKenzie, Engineer and Head of the County Highways Department.

Elkhart County requires annual attention to resealing asphalt on roadways to help accommodate Amish buggy lanes in the summer months.

“If you look closely, there is a trough that develops in the center of buggy lanes where the horse’s hooves tend to fall. In the summer, those troughs are filled with water. In the winter, they’re filled with ice. We work to keep water and ice off the road. And our Amish friends pay an annual buggy fee that helps to pay for this maintenance,” McKenzie added.

Motorists should remain vigilant of road crews across Elkhart County that will be working throughout the summer to seal asphalt on the roadways.

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