Lerner Theatre facebook scam

NOW: Lerner Theatre facebook scam

ELKHART, Ind -- Scammers create a fake Facebook page of Elkhart's Lerner Theatre to collect funds from real patrons.

The Lerner Theatre has been a staple in the Elkhart community, since 1924.

Those who live in the community, see it as past time and have supported the theatre for years.

As the theatre gets rolling again post-pandemic, a fake Facebook page has attempted to steal the patrons of the theatre.

Those behind the page are messaging real supporters, asking for credit card payments to collect their fake prizes.

Prizes such as two tickets that will give them access to the rest of the events in 2021.

"We just got, like, a random friend Facebook request from the Lerner theater and we have a business page for the Lerrner. So obviously we knew right away that it was not a credible friend request." said executive director Michelle Frank.

The idea that someone would attempt any scam on the Lerner doesn't sit right with many but those who were part of the unfortunate scam are understanding.

"People were very understanding about it. Unfortunately, this is a trend that is sweeping across the entertainment industry, is, these scammers that are going after theses venues." said Frank

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