Baby survives 20-ft fall at South Bend apartment complex

South Bend, IN -- When Phillip Ingram arrived at his High Street apartment Thursday afternoon, he wasn't expecting this.

"I saw there was a group of people holding my child," Ingram said. "He was laying still in their arms; not really crying."

His one-year-old son, Phillip Jr., had just fallen 20-ft from his apartment's third story balcony.

Amazingly, he survived, without any injuries.

"Our prayers have been answered," Ingram said. "I wouldn't know what to do if I had to bury my son today, so I'm just glad that he still gets to live his life and experience everything he can."

While the South Bend dad is glad baby Phillip is O.K., he's angry at the living conditions at the Miami Hills Apartments.

The balcony's railing is so wide at the end, even he can fit through the space.

Ingram wants it fixed, but feels like no one at the complex is listening.

"Our complaints about things fall on deaf ears," Ingram said. "The conditions out here are just crazy. It takes months just to get the simplest things fixed."

Ingram said he and Phillip's mom pay close attention to their child, but even with that extra care, accidents can still happen.

"This is probably the worst accident that could've happened," Ingram said. "Thankfully, we made it through O.K."

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