Bad gas allegedly sold at Mishawaka gas station

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Angry customers say the gas station on Lincolnway East near Byrkit Avenue in Mishawaka sold them bad gas. A tip from a viewer claimed that the fuel sampled in one vehicle purchased from the station recorded a major percentage of water.

ABC57 spoke with a Mishawaka couple, and they wished to remain anonymous. The boyfriend and girlfriend went to get gas from the station yesterday morning after coming home from Wyoming. They say that they didn’t get too far down the road until their cars began sputtering and broke down.

They got the gas at the same time at pumps right next to each other. Because both cars broke down at the same time, they made the connection with the gas.

Right now, one of their cars is in the shop. “We did hear back from the repair shop and they said, “yeah, there’s water in the gas,” the customer said. The other car is not in the shop due to insurance reasons.

The couple says they spoke to the district manager and the Department of Weights and Measures in Mishawaka. An email shows Roger Shields with Weights and Measures told the couple they were waiting on results from inspections of station tanks, piping, and dispensers. ABC57 reached out to the department, and they have not responded.

The anonymous customers say that this isn’t the first time that this has happened at this station, and that last Sunday, 6 people’s cars had bad gas from the station.

One local auto service shop told ABC57 a mechanic had to replace a fuel pump. “One guy lost his motor,” the anonymous woman said.

Empire Petroleum is the company in charge of the station; it told the customers that there was nothing the company could do. “Their response to us was you’re on your own go get your lawyer,” she said. ABC57 reached out to Empire Petroleum, they have not yet commented. “I think they should be more concerned about what they’re doing to their customers. Obviously it doesn’t matter to them, but we’re their bread and butter. So, I think they better take notice,” the customer told ABC57.

The couple who spoke with ABC57 wants the company to be responsible if inspection shows an issue. But, they believe that there are more customers experiencing these problems but may not realize their car troubles could be due to the bad gas from the station. “We’re trying to get people together that this has happened to to try to come together and show that this isn’t just a one-time thing,” the customer said.

When ABC57 arrived at the gas station Friday morning, the pumps were closed.

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