Baugo Township neighbors fear for safety of drivers

NOW: Baugo Township neighbors fear for safety of drivers


BAUGO TOWNSHIP, Ind.- Two vehicles, tried to make it through County Road 3 in Baugo Township, but didn’t make it.

A homeowner, who lives feet away from where the vehicles were, says the water doesn’t scare her it’s drivers that take this risk.

“It’s very frightening to see people in cars, go down through here like this,” she says.

This woman has lived in Baugo Township for her entire life. She tells ABC57 it’s pretty common for the creek to overflow. “Every once in a while, like in 1981, it rains, but this time there was snow.”

There seems to be one area that draws her attention, “We have problems right in here,” she says.

Because of Baugo Creek, bridges overflow with everything including water and tree debris.“You turn around, if you come down this road and you see the water and go back to 28,” she says.

Either way this Baugo Township community member says she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.“I’ve never been frightened because I’ve lived here all my life, so I’m not.”

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