Benton Harbor Church starts a Sunday School bus ministry

NOW: Benton Harbor Church starts a Sunday School bus ministry


BENTON HARBOR, MI -- The Apostolic Tabernacle Church in Benton Harbor decided to combine Sunday School and a school bus ride and use it as a way to reach people outside of the church.

The program is called the Sunday School Bus Ministry.

The church is working on spreading the word about their program and so far, the Sunday school has been getting a positive response from the community.

“I think a lot of people would learn more about the lord and I think a lot of people would have fun at children's church that I go to,” said Michael McDonald, participant.

The program's teacher says his goal is to reach people outside the church.

“I hope that the numbers increase because of our outreach and hopefully we want to do some positive things in the community to encourage kids and our outreach is to reach kids and families,” says Dwight Bowman, Sunday School Bus Ministry teacher.

Children are encouraged not only to participate but help organize projects for the Sunday school program.

The SSBM received donations from local businesses to start the program and they say they want to expand the program.

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