Benton Harbor Police roll out a new policing program

NOW: Benton Harbor Police roll out a new policing program

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – The Benton Harbor is reshaping their policing strategy.

The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety is rolling out a new program geared towards stopping the flow of drugs in the community.

Director of Public Safety Daniel McGinnis says it could prevent violence like the alleged double murder on March 25th by Antwan Mims.

“Say there’s a gathering that starts to get out of control or a resident has a concern, they can freely call into the police station and say hey could you bring a car by or we think this is getting out of control or hey it’s beyond hours of the city of operation send a car through. If we could’ve gotten there maybe before or maybe again that officer’s presence and visibility could have stemmed off the altercation that led into the shooting especially on Edgcumbe” McGinnis said.    

As a part of the program, police will implement a new patrol strategy, reestablish the K-9 program and the tactical team program. 

Some Benton Harbor residents are not completely sold on the new program, but are willing to give it a chance.

“If it’s for the people and not against the people I’ll give it a chance” said Parise Hockett, Benton Harbor resident.

When asked why this is important for the community McGinnis said it’s because it’s in their interest.

“I believe firmly that every citizen of the Benton Harbor has the right to peace and tranquility in their space.”

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