Benton Harbor schools must make $4 million cut

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Either make changes to the debt elimination plan or be cut from state funding all together; that is the ultimatum the state of Michigan is giving Benton Harbor Area Schools.

Lisa Gulley, Benton Harbor school board trustee, says the board has until September 30 to figure out how to cut four million dollars out of their budget.

But Gulley says this request is absurd and the timing is off.

"Class is in session, the teachers are here, the classes are full, and teaching is going on, so why bring this up now?"

She fears the state looks at the schools and sees dollar signs, rather than people with careers and children with futures.

"We have made so many cuts, and just think, if we don’t have enough money to make payroll, who won't get paid? The teachers."

Gulley says the school board will meet again this week to discuss things further and try to come up with the best solution that will have the least number of consequences.

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