Benton Harbor's city income tax a year later

NOW: Benton Harbor’s city income tax a year later


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – With the first year of the city of Benton Harbor’s income tax in the books and the deadline to pay the city quickly approaching the efficacy of the income tax is being debated. 

“The money is spent on streets, sidewalks, alleys and emergencies as deemed by the mayor and city commissioners,” Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad said. 

The tax and general fund came into play when a school bus fell into a sinkhole in March 2019. 

The city’s infrastructure was the main driving force behind the argument to implement the tax. 

“I think it’s a good idea and the city of Benton Harbor should come through strong with this,” Benton Harbor resident Miquan Davis said. 

City officials said since the tax has been implemented they’ve raised $1.6 million.

“People should look at this as an investment and when you invest your money you get a return on your investment so we’re not taking money and throwing it out the window this is seed money and in ten years and 15 years there will be a strong tree of economic viability will stand over the city of Benton Harbor,” Mayor Muhammad said. 

The Mayor said residents and businesses said if anyone has any questions regarding how to pay the taxes there are people at City Hall that are able to walk them through the process of paying the tax that’s due April 30th

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