Berrien County officials investigating oil spill

NOW: Berrien County officials investigating oil spill

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, Mich – Berrien County officials are attempting to get to the bottom of an oil spill in the county. 

The oil spill was discovered on January 2nd  when investigating an unrelated obstruction in a drain.  

Berrien County Resident Prince Prabhu says he hopes the investigation uncovers why this spill happened. 

“First figure out why it happened and take precautions to not let it happen again,” Prabhu said. 

During the discovery and clean-up officials estimate 400 to 500 gallons of oil was spilled. 

“As soon as we do more investigating hopefully we will learn the source of where this oil is coming from,” Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey said. 

Officials say the oil had a red tint which indicates it could be on a few types of oil such as heating oil. 

Berrien County Drain Commissioner Christopher Quattrin said his office worked with Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality during and after the clean-up. 

The clean-up is estimated to cost approximately $30,000, and officials say they are looking into “revenue streams” so the tax payers won’t be charged for the clean-up.  

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation is already underway and they hope to have answers as to how the spill happened in the upcoming months. 

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