Black Lives Matter throws Halloween party for community, county inmates

NOW: Black Lives Matter throws Halloween party for community, county inmates

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Pumpkin decorating and people in custom celebrated the spooky season on Friday in South Bend. 

“Today’s my father’s birthday, my birthday’s tomorrow,” said Darius Lipsey, went to Halloween party on Friday. “Big fans of Halloween so we’re just trying to take it all in and celebrate together.”

South Bend’s Black Lives Matter hosted a Halloween party near Lafayette Boulevard and Sample Street on Friday. The group had music, food, and fun for local children, but also for St. Joseph County inmates. 

The group held the event just steps away from the county jail. Member Kathryn Redding said she wanted the inmates to know that no one has forgotten about them. 

“We are still out here fighting the good fight and bringing awareness to their cause as well,” said Redding. 

Redding was joined by other local social justice groups that raised concerns about the justice system and the number of incarcerated minorities in the United States. Paul Mishler, a professor at Indiana University South Bend, said he blamed the school to prison pipline. 

The school to prison pipeline is theory on how unfair and harsh school policies targets minorities landing them in jail later in life. 

“We’re going to stop it for all these kids here we want to stop it for the young men and women in our community who are going to get caught up in this,” said Mishler. 

A justice system many people at Friday’s party have been personally affected by, including Tina Logan. Logan is the sister of Eric Logan, a theft suspect shot and killed by a former South Bend police officer in June. 

Logan said she showed on Friday night for her family and other families like hers. 

“We just want justice that’s it one day at a time,” said Logan. 

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