Blackthorn Golf Club in spectacular shape as tournament looms

Blackthorn Golf Club is once again center stage for all the action, as the Four Winds Invitational is just days away.

Players are calling it one of their favorite stops on the Symetra Tour. A course that is fair and offers spectator support second to none.

“This last week, before the tournament - is more chaotic than the tournament - believe it or not - trying to get all the preparations ready,” says Blackthorn Golf Club Owner Tim Firestone.

With a little over a week to go until the four winds invitational tees off, all can agree the course is in spectacular shape.

"A lot of these holes are attackable you don't get that a lot," says Professional Golfer Kristi Cardwell.

If you're a spectator, be prepared for some great views and great golf.

"The golf course is fair off the tee but challenging from the approach shots. You'll hear from the players as they talk this week that this is one of their favorite’s stops on tour all season long," said Firestone.

For this tournament Blackthorn flips the order of the holes.

"We flip flop our nines. So as local golfers know here in south bend, the first hole, that's really the 10th hole. We do that so we finish on our 9th hole great stadium seating, people can gather around."

Firestone says the course has become a favorite stop for Symetra Tour players because the course is fair and offers some memorable holes.

"Our number 5 tournament number 14. With the large 300 year old oak tree in the middle. Very challenging holes for these players. Hole number 2 tournament number 11 they give the players a chance to try to drive the green. But if you miss it you'll be in the tall weeds or the bunkers," said Firestone.

The course offers picturesque views with some challenging yet gettable holes.

"It's a lot of the par 5's that are should I lay up or should I go for it and if I do I'll be in pretty good shape,” said Cardwell.

So if you're a fan, buckle up, the tournament is just around the corner and great golf is only short drive away.

"It’s a great opportunity to see some player from all over the globe. Great golfers. The players are very accessible. You don't get that access at LPGA and PGA events. These young ladies are fan friendly and you can get some great access to them," said Firestone.

The new feature this year that everyone excited about?

Free admission for the whole family for the whole weekend.

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