Blowing snow creates white-out conditions

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. -- The blowing snow has created white-out conditions across parts of Michiana, especially in Berrien Springs. Some drivers on the bypass said they couldn’t see the car in front of them.

"You can barely see in front of you, it's white out. I traveled all the way from South Bend and it is whiteout most of the way,” said driver Connie Brazeau.

Visibility on the bypass was limited.

"Between South Haven and here in Berrien Springs, visibility with the lake effect snow is minimal. Very, very minimal,” said driver Dave Eigenauer.

Blustery conditions and dry snow made for a treacherous trip just off the Lake Michigan shoreline

"I'm continuing on 139, not the bypass because it's not worth it. It's not worth it,” said Brazeau.

Berrien Springs is getting the brunt of this week's winter weather. But it's not a predictable system.

The lake effect is dropping snow in a pattern that's tough for road crews to keep up with.

“What we have is nothing we can really go out and be addressing wholesale with our blades. So what we are doing is addressing a lot of slick spots applying salt, and a lot of sand salt mixtures on the roads,” said Wayne Schoonover, Managing Director of Berrien Road Commission.

But for drivers, the danger is not so much slipping as it is the seeing.

"You can't see in front of you, you can’t see the cars, what they're doing. A semi passed me, I couldn't see a thing,” said Brazeau.

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