Blueberry Festival kicks off this weekend in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Ind. --It is one of the largest events in the Midwest and it is taking place this weekend, right here in Michiana.

More than 350,000 people will be in Plymouth for the annual Blueberry Festival.

With that amount of people in one place you know there is a lot that has to be set up to draw them in.

More than 400 vendors will be there offering arts and crafts, and of course there will be tons of food on hand.

You will find every blueberry treat imaginable this weekend like doughnuts, cheesecakes, ice cream and more.

Friday we caught up with volunteers, as they did some last minute preparations.

Larry Faulstich, who is on the Blueberry Festival Board said, “"We spend almost a week and a half just building a small community right here in the park and getting ready for the festival and it's just a wonderful thing to see it actually come to together and happen."

Other fun attractions include; a carnival, fireworks, a blueberry stomp and a parade. The festival runs through Labor Day.

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