Board considers rating system for violent material

NOW: Board considers rating system for violent material

NILES, Mich. - The Battle over Books continues as Brandywine Community Schools discussed details on what deems a book as "violent." 

In October, the discussion began. 

Secretary Angela Seastrom proposed at last month's meeting that violence in literature needs to be defined. 

This meeting, a definition categorizing violence in books was not quantified, but the school board did discuss using the library's rating system to assist in this area. 

Travis Walker, Superintendent of Brandywine gave examples of children's literature containing violence.

"Think of a book like Bambi," he said. "[We need to}] continue to make sure that our students have the proper educational materials in our libraries."

The council will be voting in their next meeting to develop a policy discerning which books are deemed too violent, including To Kill a Mockingbird and other assigned reading in schools. 

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