Boosting Benton Harbor: Coworking business looks to help local art scene

One of the things that makes a city pop is the local art scene. But you can't have an art scene without artists! A small business in Benton Harbor is trying to fill the void.

Dwellers Coworking is providing a creative work space to Benton Harbor artists, giving the art scene the boost it needs. 

"It's a place to get out of the house or get out of the typical office," said co-founder Seth Haley.

Dwellers Coworking is a hub for artistic expression and collaboration. For a monthly fee artists can use the space to let their ideas flow. It has diverse office spaces, high speed wi-fi, photo studios and other technologies to fuel creativity. 

It's something you would see in New York City or Chicago, localized for the Benton Harbor art scene.

It's the idea of collaboration that gives Dwellers Coworking it's flare. 

"There was no place for creatives to come together and meet and kind of interact with each other," said Haley.  

"The more they can interact with people who do similar jobs, really the better off they are going to be."

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