Border Patrol working to stop meth's insurgence in Michiana

NOW: Border Patrol working to stop meth’s insurgence in Michiana

Imperial, CA – United States Border Patrol agents work around the clock to stop drugs from entering the country. But sometimes there are things that slip through the cracks.

Every year Border Patrol catches hundreds of pounds of drugs. As of August 2018 agents reported stopping 10,382 pounds of methamphetamine at the border.

“Right now were ranking number one in the nation when it comes to methamphetamine seizures,” says Joyce Golosino, the Supervisory Border Patrol Agent at the El Centro Sector in Imperial, California.

The amount of meth seized for eight months of the year is just 54 pounds off of what was caught last year.  In all of 2017, agents reported seizing 10,328 pounds of meth.

In all of 2012, only 3,716 pounds of meth was stopped at the border.

These numbers show that there’s not just a meth issue, but a supply high enough for a demand that the Mexican drug cartels step in and fill the void.

“They do have a lot of money and power so they utilize their resources in Mexico and the United States to avoid detection and make their illegals make their final destination,” says Golosino.

Smugglers are getting creative, using anything in their means to make sure the drug shipments are making it to their final destination.

Golosino says there are even reports of drugs getting delivered by drones and underground tunnels. But agents are not giving up the fight.

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