Boys and Girls Club helps students succeed

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- A study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation highlights the need for equal opportunities for all children. The study showed African American students in Michigan are falling behind in life skills.

The Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor is trying to counteract the factors that negatively impact students. They want to help them become successful members of the community.

In the study, African American students scored 244 out of 1000 in regards to health, education, socioeconomic status, familial environment and employment.

Hispanic children scored 411 and Caucasian students scored 668.

At the Boys and Girls Club, 1700 Benton Harbor children are enrolled and there are about 300 there daily.

Brian Saxton, the Chief Professional Officer of the Benton Harbor Boys and Girls Club challenges these statistics through educational programs and a positive environment.

“We are disappointed that the numbers reflect the world that we live in which doesn’t give many of our members the advantages that others have but we are dealing with that. We focus on academics, character and leadership development and encouraging healthy lifestyles," said Saxton.

They have a national program called Power Hour which is an hour of study time for children to get their homework done or start working on other projects before they go home.


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