Brian Kelly discussed Rees during conference call

SOUTH BEND --- Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly held his weekly conference call Sunday and he talked about his starting quarterback Tommy Rees.

Coach Kelly says everyone needs to get better and that involves improving the team's accuracy.

Kelly says the team has a lot of young receivers and the past two weeks they've played two very good defenses of Michigan State and Oklahoma.

"Look, Tommy is a big boy.  He can take care of himself and he knows he has to play better, but the last two weeks with Michigan State and Oklahoma, two very good defenses that play a lot of man coverage, you have to be a lot more precise. We have a lot of young guys running around that have to be more precise and we have to be more precise in what we are doing across the board," said Coach Kelly.

He says Rees is still his starter moving forward and Andrew Hendrix will still help the team as well.  But Kelly says there's no doubt Rees is his guy.

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