Bridge Safety in Michiana

NOW: Bridge Safety in Michiana

South Bend, Ind -- The Indiana department of transportation maintains over 5000 bridges across the hoosier state.

In-dot communications director Scott Manning says they are keeping a close-eye on bridges in the Michiana area

“our crews have been looking at tapes and looking at structures including bridges to make sure that everything is safe and what we have found is that virtually in every case we haven't had any issues” says indot communications director scott manning

despite the overall good health of bridges in our area according to manning he addressed the repairs being done to state road 331

“we did have an issue on state road 331 between South Bend and Bremen where we had a structure that was damaged and we are working on repairing that -- but generally in spite of what we saw in terms of flooding our roadways and structures associated with those did not see any real damage” says Manning.

In-dot says that maintaining the safety of our bridges is a work in progress and they will make the necessary repairs to the approximate 56-hundred bridges they cover in the state if necessary.

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