Bringing smiles to nursing homes

NOW: Bringing smiles to nursing homes

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Michiana- You. Are. Inspiring!

From shedding light and love through song and now through window drawings--this chain of hope is spreading.

Earlier this week, singer/song writer Julia James brought her mic and keyboard to both the Courtyard and Greencroft to sing for the residents who have been in isolation for over a month now due to the coronavirus.

"When I saw Julia sing, I then thought about my art and it was almost like I was meant to see that video that day because I was just thinking what can I do" says Scott.

After hearing her voice and seeing her message of spreading love and kindness, Lindsey Scott decided to take action in her own way.

“Ever since I was little my mom saw at an early age I could draw and she had me draw things for her at her job and I continued on with it in school" says Lindsey.

Now, Lindsey is bringing her talents of art and drawing to the windows at the Courtyard Healthcare Center in Goshen.

Everyday this week, since seeing James' singing, Scott has been drawing flowers, lighthouses, tractors, and Easter themed pictures on residents windows.

“They put a sticky note on the inside of all of them and I’ve been going around and doing it and they sit there and watch and it is very very humbling" says Scott.

Scott says the experience was incredibly moving and humbling for her and that she will never forget the faces of the residents inside who lovingly watched her draw.

"One of them there was a married couple inside and they just kept blowing me kisses the whole time while I was drawing theirs and just holding hands and watching me and I had to walk away from the window a couple of times because it was overwhelming" says Scott "the emotion was just you know me doing something I love and can do everyday just on their window."

With her own money, Scott bought supplies and went window to window drawing.

“I think I spent $230 dollars on these window markers cause I was like I’m doing all of these windows. There’s like 110 and I was like I’m doing them all.”

Because Scott previously worked as a home care nurse and knows first hand how many of the residents can deeply feel the effects of isolation.

"Now having to see their family members through windows and and grandchildren through windows and not really getting interaction is hard" says Scott "just to be on the other side of the window even if they have no clue who I am is incredibly humbling.”

Like James, Scott hopes that others step up to help others, "if your able to go somewhere and fill your day by doing something like this even if it’s the same thing I just hope it spreads.”

They hope that you choose to reach out and use your talents to brighten the lives of those around you as we all continue to flatten the curve.

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