Buchanan District Library seeks support in expanded tutoring program

Photo Courtesy: Buchanan District Library

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- The library’s free tutoring program depends on donations to thrive and looks to expand its tutoring efforts.

This individualized program is piloted in collaboration with Buchanan Community Schools in order to aid students affected by the pandemic.

“We wanted to find a way to help students who may be struggling because of the pandemic. Providing high-quality tutoring seemed like the most direct approach,” said library director, Meg Paulette.

While second-grade students have been identified as the primary group to be engaged with this tutoring (as 2020 was their first time starting school), the goal is to expand to all grades and include GED and ESL instruction.

Tutors consist of highly-qualified professionals and teachers who work with families and staff to address individual student needs. They are compensated for their time and donations are needed to expand.

A $1000 pledge has already been made by the Buchanan Masons, Lodge #68, with a pledge like this paying for about 25 hours of tutoring.

Anyone looking to support the program can contact Paulette at m.paulette@buchananlibrary.com or 269-695-1911. They can also visit the library’s website.

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