Business leaders attend shooter training session

Days after the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting inside the Martin's Supermarket in Elkhart, the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce brought business owners together to learn about how to protect themselves against a shooter.

Close to 200 people attended the training session Wednesday morning, which was held by a former Indiana State Trooper.

He taught business leaders how to make quick decisions if an active shooter is in the building.

According to Gibson Risk Adviser Andy Barker, there is no cookie cutter solution to deal with active shooter situations.

“Active shooter is a very specific risk that we all face whether we are in the work force or we are out in society. I think the most important thing for folks to understand is that in order to respond to this you have to have good situational awareness.”

Many of those owners said in light of the Martin's shooting, attending training sessions like the one held Wednesday gives them more peace of mind.

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