Businesses thriving on Mishawaka's Main Street

The economic downturn didn't touch Mishawaka's Main Street.

"Over the years the economy has remained strong and even as businesses go out, other businesses have come in and filled those places. Really trying to be part of that traffic. Sort of like metal to a magnet if you will. We want to be where our competition is and so restaurants have traditionally found that there's a lot of people seeking dining opportunities in those areas so they feel like there's a pretty good bet that if they want to be in the market or be in the restaurant business that they should be in that area as well," said Jeff Rea of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce.

Which is exactly what David Wang, the owner of the new Daihido restaurant on Main Street, said about his new business venture.

Wang already has restaurants in Niles and Roseland but when he got the opportunity to open a restaurant on Main Street in Mishawaka he jumped at the chance.

"Mishawaka, especially the Main Street area, is the most expansion area. It's named for a dining and shopping area so we want to be part of a successful story of the Mishawaka expansion," said Wang.

Just one example of what Rea says is creating a healthy, thriving economy in Mishawaka.

"Our hope is that people go outside their comfort zone and experience new parts of our area. And our hope is that we draw from that 750,000 people in the region as they want to come experience something a little different," said Rea.
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