Car stolen from the impound lot of a local towing company

NOW: Car stolen from the impound lot of a local towing company


GOSHEN, Ind -- A local small business towing company has a car stolen from the lot and caught it all on camera.

"I went back there to close it and I’m like wait a minute there’s part of the fence laying in the road," said company employee Kris Gannon.

On Tuesday morning, Kris says she arrived for work like she always does by getting settled in and checking the cameras.

"First thing I did was call Jim the owner, let him know what happened. I called the police to have them dispatch and then I pulled up the cameras," said Gannon.

A police report says someone jumped the fence, started up a car on the impound lot, and drove that car through the same fence.

The company owner tells me this isn't the first time they've had an incident but it certainly couldn't have come at a worse time.

"It just blew my whole day away," said owner Jim Steele.

The owner telling me this has been running through his mind since the day it happened, knowing that his is responsible for being out on the road for work more than usual now.

"We can’t find employees. I’ve been advertising for most of the year and very seldom do we get anybody to even come and apply," said Steele.

The pandemic woes hitting the company hard just like many other locations and with Jim being the owner for eight years after working with the company for 20 years previously, he says this one hurts.

"It’s just one of those things that you know, I’ve worked hard to build a business, have a nice respectable lot, nice fence and somebody drives through it in the middle of the night," said Steele.

The owner also mentions that the repairs to the fence are going to cost him thousands and because supplies are low, they will be waiting for months.

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