Cass County 911 dispatch seeks millage renewal for August voters

NOW: Cass County 911 dispatch seeks millage renewal for August voters

CASS COUNTY, Mich. -- Voters in Cass County will get the chance to weigh in on renewed funding for the 911 Emergency Dispatch center there.

“We take over 20,000 911 calls a year with over 120,000 regular administrative phone calls a year to help the citizens get the services that they need,” said Cass County Sheriff Richard Behnke.

With a constant circulation of emergency phone calls every day, the Cass County Sheriff’s office is reminding residents of the importance of their partners at the E-911 dispatch center ahead of your decision on the ballot Tuesday.

“This millage helps us to perform those goals and objectives,” said Behnke.

The dispatch center provides services for more than just emergencies handled by Cass County deputies. They cover multiple agencies looking out for you and your family.

“Services from police, fire and ambulance throughout Cass County and we also do services for the Cass County Road Commission, Dowagiac public safety, Dowagiac public services, the Department of Natural Resources, so it’s not just police fire and ambulance, it’s so many other things that we provide for the community through our dispatch center,” said Behnke.

This is through a property tax millage of .2 mills which comes out to $20 in winter property taxes for a home with $100,000 of taxable value; it’s something Sheriff Behnke says is crucial to keep in mind when you head out to vote.

“That raises approximately $480,000 for the 911 center operations, of its $980,000 budget, so without having this money available, services would be cut as well,” said Behnke.

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