Center uses horseback therapy for veterans

It's a different take on therapy.

A local center out of Warsaw is using horses to help veterans dealing with post traumatic stress disorder.

A few minutes on one of these horses is a major stress reliever.

The owner says these horses are much more than just rides, they are also companions for veterans in the area.

“Put me in on the top of a torrent in Iraq, I was not nervous," said Ted Grubbs, army reserve veteran. "Put me on top of that horse I was very nervous.”

The horse Sebastian once intimidated army veteran Ted Grubbs.

But Grubbs says, he's no longer scary.

“He's my bud now, I love him to death," he said.

That's because this horse and many others on this farm helped Grubbs cope with the after effects of serving in the military.

“When you're working with the animals, you don't think about that stuff it gives you a calming effect,” said Grubbs.

Tammy Stackhouse opened Magical Meadows Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center seven years ago to children and adults with special needs.

“People can come and just connect with themselves and their doing that by connecting with these animals.” said Stackhouse.

This year, the center wanted to reach out to vets and offer them a piece of the simple life and peace of mind.

“Have therapy that helps them recover from their visible and invisible battle wounds that they might have suffered while they have served our country,” said Stackhouse.

Because for vets like Grubbs, post army life can be lonely.

“When you get released into civilian world you lose your battle buddy," he said. "Your battle buddy is the guy to the left and right of you, you can always count on.”

But horses can be good companions.

“This horse has your back” said Stackhouse.

Magical Meadows will hold a special Flag Day celebration for vets on June 14.

All of their services are free to everyone who's served in the army.

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