Chief deputy US marshal engaged in sexual activity on government property, report finds

By Sophie Tatum

(CNN) -- A chief deputy US marshal was caught "engaging in sexual activity with numerous different women within government space," according to findings from a Justice Department inspector general investigation published Monday.

The man was not named in the publicly released summary, and it is unclear whether he still has his job.

"As a general policy and due to privacy laws, the US Marshals Service does not discuss specific employee disciplinary actions, or comment on personnel actions or matters that may impact personal privacy," US Marshals Service spokesman Drew Wade said in a statement.

In addition to allowing the unauthorized individuals to park on and in front of government property without permission, the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General found the chief deputy marshal broke a number of other policies, including bringing his dog to work.

"The CDUSM regularly brought his pet dog into work and transported the dog in his assigned official government vehicle," the report of the investigation said, adding that it is a violation of the official policy.

The marshal also tried to interfere with the investigation into his activities, according to the summary, and had contacted the women and advised them against sharing information with the Office of the Inspector General about the alleged sexual activity on government grounds. He also "initially lied to the OIG about his sexual activity on government property," the summary said.

The report said the OIG also found that the CDUSM had shared "non-public information" with a reporter about a "fugitive matter," according to the report.

The findings were turned over to the US Marshals Service, and prosecution was declined, the report said.


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