Child seduction charges against former Riley High School paraprofessional dismissed

ST. JOESEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Charges of child seduction against former Riley High School paraprofessional Denise Freitag were dismissed by the St. Joseph Superior Court on Wednesday.

The court received a motion from the state to dismiss the case. The statute ordered by the state does not allow for court-discretion on the matter and the courts granting of the motion is mandatory.

Freitag was formally charged on June 30 of last year for two counts of child seduction of a 16-year-old male runaway.

The victim knew Freitag as his special education tutor.

Freitag was alleged to haven taken the victim home with her to Mishawaka where he received food, washed clothes, marijuana and sexual relations.

The prosecutor's office says the charges against Freitag were dismissed after the alleged victim stated under oath that the accusation against Freitag was not true.

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