City council reverses recreational marijuana decision

NOW: City council reverses recreational marijuana decision

NILES, Mich.-- The Niles city council opted in to allow recreational marijuana businesses within the city limits. 

In a 6 to 1 decision, the city reversed their previous decision after months of thought, learning, and speaking with the community they represent.

Can you imagine being able to go to "happy hour" for a quick smoke as opposed to the typical alcoholic beverage? Well, this decision will allow recreational cannabis to be consumed and sold in licensed buildings to adults who are 21-years-old and above with a valid I.D.

For the city, they can and are expecting to gain more revenue from licensing fees and taxes which will allow for more money coming in and put back into Niles.

And I spoke with several residents today to hear what they thought about the move--and there was a wide variety of opinions across the board. Several voiced that "it was about time" and that they were excited to have it come to their city now when it was going to be inevitable anyways. Others I spoke to said that even though they are against it, the change happened and now they just have to go with the flow. Many were concerned with how the drug can change the person and with the open businesses, were worried about this now being a cause for some driving under the influence. 

While there were many opinions, supporting and opposed--they decision has been made. 

And when will the city be expecting these changes? In the next upcoming months, closer to being in 2020 will businesses and the community be seeing the start of recreational marijuana activity.

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