City issues statement about homeless living under bridge

NOW: City issues statement about homeless living under bridge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The City of South Bend has released a statement after Code Enforcement visited the encampment under the Main Street bridge Monday morning.

The city says, “At this time, Code Enforcement is acting to make sure all public health and personal safety concerns are met under the bridge and in nearby areas. As health and safety concerns escalate with the onset of cold weather, the administration is quickly approaching the point where we will need to require individuals to leave and seek shelter in Weather Amnesty, which opens at Center for the Homeless and Life Treatment Center November 1st. The administration does not sanction encampments, which are dangerous for the health and wellbeing of their inhabitants, as well as other residents, and constitute public nuisance under Section 16-53 of the South Bend Municipal Code.”

Earlier this month, the homeless living under the Main Street bridge were given just 48 hours to relocate.

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