Independence Day Celebration at Central Park

NOW: Independence Day Celebration at Central Park


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Central Park was filled with families on Saturday, ready to celebrate the holiday at the annual Independence Day Celebration! There was fun for everyone of all ages; with carnival games, BMX shows, live concerts, and of course, the fireworks!

“Seems like the city of Mishawaka just loves fireworks," says Phil Blasko, Park Superintendent for the City of Mishawaka.

“We wanted to check out bouncy houses, and get toys, and maybe buy a few things," says a family that attended the celebration, the Murdock's.

“They been in the playhouse, they did the face paint, now food, and waiting for the fireworks," says Blake Dixon about his children, another family that came out to the event.

With inflation bumping up the price of fireworks this summer, thousands were highly anticipating Mishawaka's biggest firework show for the holiday.

“We were lucky enough to have a sponsor that paid for the fireworks this year; they’re a great sponsor of ours. So by that sponsorship, we were able to purchase the fireworks," Blasko says. “I would imagine we’ll have around eight thousand people here tonight that will watch this firework show.”

The event allowed the people of Mishawaka to come together to celebrate Independence Day, with most kids walking out with smiles on their face.

“It seems like the community loves the event, so it’s all worth it when we see the kids smiling," Blasko says.

See a list of the remaining local firework shows:

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