City of South Bend hosts neighborhood workshop series

NOW: City of South Bend hosts neighborhood workshop series


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- All residents in the Kennedy Park and Rum Village Neighborhoods listen up – some changes could be on the way! The City of South Bend has created a new initiative to rejuvenate these areas and make sure they stay vibrant.

But the unique part? They want your thoughts!  

Throughout the month of October, city officials have been working with residents to make their communities an even better place to live with visionary and priority workshops. The process first started with visionary workshops where residents gave ideas on what would make their neighborhoods a better place to live.

Now this week, Kennedy Park and Rum Village have shifted onto “priorities.” The residents, alongside city officials, are deciding what they want to see done first. So far in the process, there have been some commonalities. Residents are hoping for improvements on sidewalks, curbs, lighting, housing, or even things such as addressing speed.

Maria Francesca Aguilar is a resident of Rum Village, and a frequent walker. For her, she would love to see more sidewalks, but also, even fix some of the concrete that’s already there. She explains certain areas have sidewalks that could be dangerous for some, but also…just not pretty.

“This looks bad, especially when people walking, maybe at night time I walk sometimes and I can’t see sometimes, it hides the sidewalk,” says Aguilar. “I think it looks ugly.”

Once the priorities are set, the South Bend planning commission votes on the proposed changes, then it moves to the city council for a vote then finally action can be taken.

If you would like to attend the visionary workshop, visit here.

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