Clark’s Fish Net opens amidst pandemic

NOW: Clark’s Fish Net opens amidst pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Clark’s Fish Net is the newest restaurant to open in South Bend amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant, located at 1802 S Main St., specializes in fresh fish and soul food and even allows patrons to take home fish that you can prepare yourself.

The restaurant offers take-out only, which former Notre Dame chef and owner, Rodney Clarks says was his vision for the business before the pandemic even started.

“At the start, even before the Corona episode, it was to have carry-out,” Clark said. “It’s a change of pace, but I think it’s a good pace because, like I said, you’re safer now, people feel safer. Although Coronavirus is a bad thing, but in some form it created a safer thing for people to actually look at what they’re doing, you know, washing their hands and making sure you’re safe, and wearing, you know, staying safe from people, so I think carry-out was the key.”

Due to the pandemic, Clark was not able to hold a proper grand-opening which he says he hopes to do in the next few weeks.

Clark says he also plans to give back to the community by donating any leftover meals at the end of each day to the homeless.

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