Clay Fire officials issue warning after child falls through ice

CLAY TOWNSHIP, Ind. -- A child fell through the ice of a retention pond while sledding Saturday afternoon.

Fire officials say neighbors saw children running away from the pond after a child fell through the ice.

Officials say the child was able to escape.

Ice conditions can change quickly.

Indiana Conservation officers say never venture out on the ice if someone has fallen through instead contact emergency response personnel.

Conservation officers have released a helpful guide with tips to consider when encountering frozen waterways.

  • If you don’t know don’t go
  • No ice is safe
  • Don’t test ice thickness while alone
  • When testing ice thickness use an ice auger at least four inches is recommended for ice fishing with five inches for snowmobling
  • Carry gear such as ropes and ice hooks
  • Wear floatation coats or life jackets

The National Safety Council has released the following sledding safety tips:

  •  Never sled on or around frozen waterways
  •  Dress warmly to protect against injury and frostbite
  •  Riders should avoid sledding head first
  •  Make sure all sledding gear is in good condition
  •  Check for bare sports, holes and obstructions on slopes
  •  Sled on areas with a level run-off so the sled can safely come to a stop

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