Clay High School football team plays last game in school history

NOW: Clay High School football team plays last game in school history

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Friday night marked the final play for the Clay High School football team.

The Colonials lost 64-0 in the sectional matchup against the John Glenn Falcons, which means the school’s last football season is officially over, and barring an unforeseen change, marks the last football game in Clay High history.

They ended the season with three wins.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting,” says Head Coach Darius Mitchell, to all the fans who came out to their final game.

Those fans who made the hike down to Walkerton Friday night said it was important to show support for this team, win or lose.

“It’s very sad,” says a Clay High School alumni and parent, Emily Castañeda. “We’re just trying to make the best of this year.” 

It's been a season of lasts. 

Knowing their school will shut down after this year, parents say the beginning of the semester was a tough one for students and especially athletes.  

But Coach Mitchell says his team gave it their all. 

“It was a very trying three years here,” Mitchell says. “You know the last few years we knew Clay would be on the chopping block, 30 game losing streak, and these boys kept fighting every day, so I’m just super proud of these guys for not quitting on us.”  

“I hate to see them losing and feeling down on themselves,” shares Castañeda. “I feel like we deserve better since we are losing our school.” 

For fans like Castañeda who have been in the bleachers of Clay football games for as long as she can remember, she says her support for this team over the last few decades remains unwavering. 

“I feel like they just deserve everything at this point,” Castañeda says. “Lots of wins and support. They’re winning in my heart.” 

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