Clean up in Kokomo begins after tornado

Clean-up in Kokomo is beginning as homeowners assess the damage from Wednesday's tornado.

Mike Burton’s workshop, a source of income, was destroyed.

Though it’s now destroyed, Burton says help from friends and family provide a source of hope.

“As I’m heading back here, I started getting texts and phone calls, and when I pulled in the yard I started answering them; it’s friends and families wanting to know if I’m ok. I said, yep, but I’m going to need help. And I’m not lying, within 30 minutes, it was unbelievable how many trucks and trailers was pulling into this big yard here, and it was all family and friends,” said Burton.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence toured the damage Thursday morning.

He says the extent of the damage across much of Kokomo was stunning.

“I will tell you, walking through the neighborhood across the highway, it’s just very moving to me to talk to these families, family members who were in their homes and to see these homes virtually completely destroyed, but because of people’s quick thinking, because of a good, early warning system here locally, no serious injuries, no loss of lives. It’s a miracle and it’s a testament to good common sense by Hoosiers,” Pence said.

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