Cleanup continues after severe weather

NOW: Cleanup continues after severe weather

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- 4 days later, Michiana is still picking up the pieces after Friday nights storm. The 60 plus mile per hour winds were devastating to many homes, cars, and businesses in the area.

For the rest of this week, through Saturday October 5th, the South Bend Public Works Department is working with the Parks and Recreation Department to provide free clean up service to all residents completely free.

Residents don't even have to call 311-- you just have to bring whatever wood debris you have out to the curb and the city crew will be sweeping the city through Saturday to make sure they have everything picked up. If you do have other things damaged in the storm, spoiled food or shot appliances, you will have to make a call for a special clean up that can be easily scheduled when you call 311. 

One local tree service has been swamped this week trying to help all local residents who had trees or limbs fall from the storm. 

K & R Tree Service, owned by Kevin Kenney, has been around supplying tree removal services to South Bend for 20 years. Aside from aiding with the clean up efforts, Kenney says that people need to be cognizant of other issues that could be going on. 

Kenney recommends to just look up. Look up at your trees and do a walk through of your own trees, either diligently or with a licensed arborist to inspect them. He recommends looking for cracks in the trees, rotting, or any other new marks because that could signal wind or lightening damage that could then later hurt you, someone else, or your property. 

For more on K & R Tree Services, or give Kevin Kenney a call at 574-220-4437.

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