Cloudy Friday with a few showers possible; wet and windy Saturday

NOW: Cloudy Friday with a few showers possible; wet and windy Saturday

Temperatures climb once again into the lower 70s today.

Skies stay cloudy. A few isolated showers are possible midday, but most of Michiana will stay dry.

You'll notice it becoming more breezy as the day goes on, with some wind gusts up to 30 mph.

The wind only continues to pick up tonight into Saturday. Wind will be a big concern Saturday, as some gusts up to 50 mph are possible. This is enough to cause isolated power outages, so make sure you charge your phone while you sleep tonight.

It may become difficult to drive Saturday, especially for high-profile vehicles.

On top of the wind, there will be periods of rain Saturday, especially before lunchtime. After the rain ends Saturday evening, clouds clear out behind it.

Sunday will be a nicer day, still breezy, but lots of sunshine.

Next week highs stay in the lower/mid 60s through Thursday.

Temperatures drop into the upper 50s Friday along with another round of rain to end next week.

Today: Mostly cloudy. Isolated shower possible. Becoming breezy. High 71.

Tonight: Becoming windy. Showers late. Low 58.

Saturday: Windy. Periods of rain. Wind gusts 45-50 mph possible. High 66.

Sunday: Sunny and breezy. High 64.

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