Coach Kelly in favor of rekindling Michigan rivalry


There are great rivalries in college football - like Michigan and Ohio State, Alabama and Auburn, Army versus Navy, but what about the Notre Dame - Michigan rivalry? Last year was the final scheduled meeting between the Irish and Wolverines, but recently Head Coach Brian Kelly said that could all change.

Coach Kelly went on the Rich Eisen Show earlier this week and said he’d definitely like Notre Dame to play against Michigan again.

"It's something that we need to get obviously in line to get that going. I think that's something that everybody wants to get going and get Michigan back on the schedule," Coach Kelly said.

What do Michigan and Notre Dame fans think?

"That’s a tradition," Notre Dame fan Greg Matz said.

"It's almost like the Ohio State-Michigan game," Michigan fan Patrick Niswander said.

"I'd love to see Notre Dame beat Michigan 31-0 again," Notre Dame fan Emmanuel Ruvalcaba said.

Fans across the board seem to agree.

The University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame hit the gridiron for the last time last season, putting a 100 year rivalry on hold.

Notre dame said it was because they wanted to be more accommodating with the ACC.

"I thought Notre Dame was pansies for doing that," Michigan fan Rick Middleton said.

Michigan fans didn’t seem to like that.

"They’ve been rivals for years I don’t understand why they gave it up," Niswander said.

But both sides of the fence say their records should speak for themselves.

"I mean I think every college football fan wants to see the two most winningest programs in football history go at it every year," Ruvalcaba said.

"It has been a great game every year, fans go nuts no matter where it's at," said Middleton.

"Two most winningest teams. They should play," Matz said.

So after Coach Kelly told ESPN’s Rich Eisen that this idea is “trending up," it has rekindled a flame in South Bend.

"That’s great. It’s a good rivalry. It’s a good tradition," Matz said.

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