Cold temperatures cause repair companies to work around the clock

Now that temperatures all over Michiana are plunging, heating businesses in the area are noticing an increase in furnace repairs.

Tim Wells, the owner of Hometown Heating and Cooling in Benton Harbor, says he’s been receiving nonstop phone calls for a little over a week now.

Wells was working on a heater on Thursday; he says this weather really puts a boiler or furnace to the test.  

Three other guys are on his team, but they go their separate ways and work on doing anything from repairs to additions.

During this time of the year, Wells says he expects numerous hours of work. He says the colder it gets outside, the harder the equipment has to work, which means more work for them. 

“Now that this cold air has come in the phone absolutely does not stop ringing,” said Wells. “We have been working 16 to 18 hours a day doing nothing but repairs. Our shop is open until 4:30, but we do run a 24 hour service.

Wells says they’ve been working those hours seven days a week.

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