Community leaders from Portage Manor Taskforce to discuss other options for building

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - A Portage Manor Taskforce has been created to find a private entity to maintain the building's current services. The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to form the taskforce during their weekly meeting Tuesday evening.

The taskforce, led by County Councilman Catanzarite, is made up of a number of individuals and organizations who have publicly pledged to help keep the building running. The taskforce includes the following:

  • Councilwoman Diana Hess
  • Councilman Bryan Tanner
  • Portage Township Trustee, Jason Critchlow
  • Logan Center and Matt Costello
  • The City of South Bend and Canneth Lee
  • Indiana Landmarks and Todd Zeiger
  • Byron Health Center
  • Dr. Sylvana Atallah
  • Michael McManus
  • Kevin Conery
  • Jenny Pointek
  • Trina Robinson

Commissioner Deborah Fleming will act as a liaison between the taskforce and the board of commissioners.

In order for the county to consider releasing ownership of Portage Manor to a private entity, the entity must provide a plan to the board either on or before May 9 that details the transfer.

The entity who takes ownership of the building must be a not-for-profit who will accept the operation, property and building as it stands today, according to commissioners.

The transfer will only include the Portage Manor building, its contents and the property immediately adjacent to the building.

If approved by the St. Joseph County Council, the board of commissioners would support the transfer of Portage Manor financial reserves and an additional $2,700,000 of American Rescue Plan funds to that private entity to help with the building's operations. 

As part of the formation of the taskforce, commissioners have asked its members to publicize all of its meetings, record the meetings, post meeting minutes and allow members of the public to attend in person and over Zoom. 

Councilman Catanzarite is also required to attend the board's meetings to give updates on the taskforce's progress.  

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