Community members gather for peace march in South Bend

NOW: Community members gather for peace march in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The newly found multicultural organization, Mitzvah Mavens, stands with all people, no matter their color, gender or religion.

On Sunday, the organization planned Unity in the Community peace march in South Bend to show their solidarity towards the African American community, and to confront issues of antisemitism and discrimination nationwide.

“To be together and stand and oppose racism, antisemitism, it should be a first priority. If we speak out and if we oppose it, we will gain a lot,” Mitzvah Maven’s Co-Founder Elisheva Salomon Lerman said.

Mitzvah Mavens is not in collaboration with the Black Lives Matter movement, although they do support the group.

Organizers said that their goal is to bring everyone together.

“Our theme is you matter. And the reason that we chose that is because we need everybody, we need everyone to come out of their houses so that everybody else can see how much people are still together,” organizer Lisa Levin said.

“We want to let everyone know that we’re here to support and we are going to do what is necessary to make changes,” organizer Faye Anglin said.

To make change in Michiana and nationwide, organizers said that people and city leaders need to be open to discussions on how to support and help communities.

“People should have the initiation to talk with people without mask, without lenses as we are talking right now, that’s the main goal,” Salomon Lerman said. “This is not about me, and this is not about my kids and this is not only about you, it’s about us. Racism and antisemitism impacts all of us whether we want it or not, whether we keep remaining silent or not, it impacts all of us.”

Organizers said that this change can’t happen, and won’t happen anytime soon, until everyone strives for unity.

“In my opinion, it’s my obligation, not a desire. To me it’s not a black, white thing. To me this is a humanity thing and I just want everybody to take responsibility,” Levin said.

They hope that their organization help build a stronger voice in the community, and that people will feel inspired to speak out.

“If you see racism, if you see antisemitism, speak out. Don’t remain silent. When you are silent, you are perpetuating antisemitism and racism, and people like me and like you will be impacted,” Salomon Lerman said.

Organizers said that there will be another Unity in the Community peace march, and that it’s in the makes of being scheduled in the very near future.

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