Community mourns mosque attack victims

SOUTH BEND, Ind.---Saturday the Islamic Society of Michiana held a prayer vigil and memorial service for the victims of the Christchurch shooting. Hundreds attended the event.

One of the attendees, Adeela Alizai-Ansari, had two family members who were among the dead.

“My aunt told me that there was this incident and the husband was critically injured and the son is missing,” said Alizai-Ansari.

Alizai-Ansari said she did not get an update on the condition of her cousin’s husband and son until the end of her work day.

“After seeing those patients, I sat back in my car and I relooked at my texts, she texted me that they had been basically martyred,” said Alizai-Ansari.

Alizai-Anzari says she does not understand the amount of hate that the alleged shooter displayed.

“We have to let go of the perverted people of the past who had the mindset of killing humans and we have to coexist,” said Alizai-Ansari.

Alizai-Ansari says the amount of people that came out to Saturday’s service gives her hope for a more peaceful world.

“It’s amazing, I wasn’t expecting this big of a turnout,” said Alizai-Ansari “I’m looking at this hall and there’s 500 plus people. It’s amazing.”

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