Community Prayer for Peace Rally to be held on Sunday

NOW: Community Prayer for Peace Rally to be held on Sunday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- With the rampant gun violence happening across the country in the form of mass shootings, and the acts of gun violence that continue to take a toll here in Michiana. Local leaders and activists are hoping to curb the crime in our community with a peace rally.

A local group called 'Let's turn it around' is urging the people of Michiana to come out to their community 'Prayer for Peace Rally' happening this Sunday afternoon. They want to show young people a safer path in life, and support those at risk for violence.

“We have to come together to try and stop this hatred and violence that is rampant in the city," says Ira White, a speaker for the Peace Rally.

Local activists planning the Prayer for Peace Rally in South Bend on Sunday are hoping to achieve just that; putting a stop to the gun violence that is taking a toll on our community and our country. City leaders, parents, ministers, and more will be at the peace rally to show their support and pray for a safer city.

“We have invited different people throughout the community; local government, county government, community ministers from all walks of life, all faiths, to come and join us," says Lynn Coleman, a co-founder of 'LTIA'.

Speakers at the rally will share personal stories about the impact gun violence has had on their lives. Ira White is one of those speakers; he spent 30 years in prison due to his involvement with gun violence. Now 90 days out, he is on a mission to help turn around the deadly cycle.

“As I’ve been home, I’ve seen a lot of violence. Whether it’s in this community or around the world," White says. "My life, how it changed me, I begin to see the errors of my ways, of society period. Of how we influence others.

The peace rally is open for everyone in the community to come speak out about a much-needed change in society, but activists say they hope to see children and teenagers join the effort so they can feel a sense of support to follow the right path in life.

“We just need to show the kids that they got another way to go," says White. "If we just show them this, with guns and violence, that’s all they know, we box them in. We have to let them know they got a choice.”

“Young people like Mr. White and people a lot younger than him can find a sense of community, support, help, resources, people they can go to," Coleman says.

The Peace Rally will be held outside of the Morris Performing Arts Center on Sunday at 5:00. For more information on 'Let's turn it around' and the rally, check out their website.

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